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The Israel National Trail passes through the entire country, from Kibbutz Dan, near the Lebanese border in the North, to Eilat on the Red Sea coast in the South – a hike of more than 1,000km across a vastly changing landscape. It has been listed in National Geographic's 20 most "epic trails". The Trail takes an average of 45-60 days to complete if walked continuously, though many divide the hike into sections, completing the trail over the course of several years. The Trail attracts a unique range of hikers, from within Israel and from abroad, all searching for something else: recently released IDF soldiers exploring their country; visitors from northern climates lured by the desert; Christian pilgrims coming to walk the land of the Bible; professionals taking time out to work through a mid-life crisis; senior citizens taking on what might be their last major project, and friends spending some rare, uninterrupted time together. The Hebrew word for ‘Trail’ or ‘Path’ is ‘Shvil’ and those who walk the Trail are nicknamed “Shvilistim”.

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  • Shelly & Hagar, at Mitzpe Ramon.
  • Hal LaCroix from the U.S. at Mount Amasa
  • Alfred, Racheli & Shirin – Christian, Jewish & Moslem Scout leaders, in Jisr A-Zarkr.
  • Former cadets from the Acco Naval Officers School, class of 1966, in Dvira Forest.
  • Yankele Saar, with granddaughters Libby and Shir, in the Pura nature reserve.
  • Moti & Eyal, Beit Gubrin.
  • Kelli Stein from Washington DC, by the Jordan River.
  • Beni & Sonya from Switzerland, in Nahal Gvanim, Ramon Crater.
  • Guy & Alon, father and son, in Nahal Barak.
  • Dany Gaspar, veteran guide, Ein Akev spring.
  • Ilan Safrai, Gaash Beach.
  • Jonathan Gross from Germany, in Ein Karem, Jerusalem.
  • Julia from Slovakia and Klaus from Germany, by the Palmach Ascent.
  • Gal, Ran, Eddie & Yisrael at the end of the Trail in Eilat, on Coral Beach.
  • Gal & Shanit at the settlement of Tzukim in the Arava desert.
  • Aviv & Hagai next to Sde Dov Airport, Tel Aviv
  • Monica & John from Canada's Yukon Territory, in the Carmel Mountains.
  • Oren Pieck hiking through Nahal Amud.
  • Noga, Vered & Yahaloma, by the ruins of Nebi Yosha Mosque.
  • Leora & Linda, hiking with 'Walk About Love', near Sea of Galilee.
  • Paty Vilallon at the top of Mount Tabor.
  • Tal, Dana, Arad & Yaara by the Hasbani River.