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In the photographs I'm happiest with, there is a feeling in my stomach, a tension, right before I release the shutter. Suddenly, the components of the frame: the facial expression, body language, composition and light, combine together to form an image that demands to be captured. I know it that instant. The Israeli woman sitting next to an empty dining table, beneath a framed picture of her family killed in a suicide bombing, the American woman in white robes emerging from baptism in the Sea of Galilee, Shimon Peres staring into the distance, looking uncharacteristically vulnerable - I felt that tension when I took each of those shots, and many, many others.

Being a photographer has its difficulties - complex logistics, sensitive egos and long hours, to name some. But I've loved taking pictures since childhood, so I never would have been happy continuing on as a young lawyer, which is how I started back in England. From the day I made the move to become a professional photographer, I've known that this is my work.

Since arriving in Israel at the start of the 1991 Gulf War, living through periods of horror and periods of hope, I've realized that the best way I can visually express the experience of life here is through individuals. A few years after moving here, I began working with the major Israeli magazines and newspapers, specializing in editorial portraits, news features, lifestyle and design work. I've photographed over a hundred cover stories for the weekend magazines of Israel's largest-selling newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth, and a similar number for the English-language newspaper The Jerusalem Post and financial daily Globes. I've also shot regular design features for the fashion magazine AT. Overseas, I've photographed for publications including Forbes, Bloomberg, The Sunday Times and Wallpaper and since the start of 2012 I have been represented by Getty Global Assignment.

Aside from the assigned work, I have published and exhibited several personal projects, including the ongoing Street Studio project which was exhibited in the Ramat Gan Museum of Israeli Art in 2011. In the commercial arena, I photograph corporate portraits for many Israeli companies, including Bank Hapoalim, Pelephone and Bezeq telecommunications. I also operate my own studio, shooting products, design and architecture. I teach a seminar in portraiture at the Tel Aviv school of photography "Zilumbaam" and lecture on the subject of editorial portraiture.

I live in Givatayim, next to Tel Aviv, with my wife Lilach, a school handicrafts teacher, and our three girls - Meitar and two completely non-identical twins, Evie and Miriam.